Chat with Diane & Hugh Pross

In February 2021 Ruth had an hour long chat with Diane & Hugh Pross, in their home, and they discussed the more recent history of the CanUK Club and also shared how they became involved in the Dance Club. The interviews are broken in to 3 segments. We hope you find this chat both entertaining and informative.

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Pross Chat Part I

Pross Chat Part 2

Pross Chat Part 3





Chat with Clare Brett

Ruth Pettis sat down with Clare in her sunroom last October and had a very interesting talk with Clare. Clare, and her husband Ron, joined the CanUK Dance club in 1980. She has remained a faithful member ever since .       Enjoy this video and Happy Valentine’s Day 2021


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    Chat with David Radford and Edna Silcox
                      January 2021

The original chat with Ruth Pettis took place in October 2020 at the pavilion at Rotary Park. This was during Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and social distance considerations and an outside venue was the norm. 
David and Edna talk about their early years of dancing, how they became involved with the CanUK Club and Folklore. They also discuss their much appreciated contribution to the Club as Catering and Decorating Convenors.  

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Chat with Beatsie and Norman McLean –

November 2020

Ruth Pettis had a chat with Beatsie and Norman McLean at their home in late September 2020. Covid was still an issue, so the chat took place in their large dance/art studio. Please enjoy this two part interview…Part I being 15 minutes and Part II is 11 minutes                                                                                      


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Chat with Malcolm Holt – October 2020

Ruth Pettis sat down with Malcolm and Jane Holt in late September for a chat outside in their beautiful back yard.  Malcolm has served 6 terms as President.  He is the longest serving Club President in its 50 year history.  Here is the third of the four-part series. The remaining part of the chat will be released in the final week of October, so stay tuned!

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Chat with Peter Renaud – September 2020
Ruth Pettis and Peter Renaud have a porch side chat, in a physically distanced way, on Peter’s front porch. This 13 minute video covers many topics including Peter and Verna’s beginnings with the CanUK Dance club, Peter’s take on where the dance club is during Covid times and how we can all stay connected over the next few months. 

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